When to take vitamin and mineral tablets?

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Millions of people around the world take vitamin and mineral tablets or take them in liquid form every day. These tablets and liquids are called “dietary supplement” in medical terms. However, medical scientists are divided about their efficacy. Some say that eating these pills does not have any positive effects on health. Other medical scientists say that these ‘dietary supplements’…

Revealing a possible link between vitamin D and immunity

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London: A new study has found a possible link between vitamin D and improved cancer-fighting immunity. A study conducted on mice found that this vitamin encouraged the growth of a type of gut bacteria that gave the mice better immunity against the disease. The researchers found that the immune systems of mice that were fed diets rich in vitamin D…

Discovery of anti-diabetic role of vitamin K

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Montreal: A team of scientists recently made a great discovery regarding vitamin K against type 2 diabetes. According to media reports, a team of scientists from the Universit√© de Montreal and the Montreal Clinical Research Institute in Canada has presented research on the role of vitamin K in preventing diabetes. This vitamin is generally known to play a role in…

Most people waste money on vitamin supplements, experts say

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Pennsylvania: Many people around the world spend a lot of money on vitamin supplements, which is about 177 billion dollars globally. However, experts say that these people are just wasting money. According to media reports, Dr. Matthew Silves, vice chairman of clinical operations at Penn State Health Family in the US, said that a balanced daily diet provides all the…

One person dies after taking vitamin D, doctors warn

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London: Experts have issued a warning about vitamin D after the death of a citizen in the UK due to excess calcium in the blood. According to media reports, 89-year-old British citizen David Michener has died due to hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia is a condition in which taking too much vitamin D increases the level of calcium in the blood because vitamin…

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