Increasing temperature is the reason for weight loss of fish

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Tokyo: A new study has found that fish are losing weight due to global warming. Research conducted at the University of Tokyo has revealed that the amount of plankton (food for fish) floating on the surface of the ocean is shrinking as a result of warming water due to rising temperatures, which the fish eat and get the nutrients they…

The average temperature of the world exceeded 1.5 degrees

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Göttingen: The EU’s top research group on climate change says the Earth’s average temperature has exceeded 1.5 degrees Celsius. According to media reports, Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service used data from seven satellites to understand the characteristics of Earth’s climate. Last month was the hottest month on record, the service found. Additionally, every month since June has had a higher…

Successful experience of sensing temperature through artificial hand

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Pisa, Italy: Scientists have developed a prosthetic hand for amputees equipped with sensors that give the wearer a sense of the actual temperature of objects. According to media reports, researchers in Italy tested the artificial limb on a man named Fabrizio who lost his right hand in an accident a few years ago. However, with the help of this artificial…

Revealing the relationship between depression and body temperature

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California: Researchers have recently discovered a link between depression and increased body temperature. According to media reports, a team of American researchers has found a link between body temperature and depression in a recent study, but they have not been able to figure out which of the two causes which. American researchers say that recent findings indicate that changes in…

The temperature in Siberia dropped to minus 56

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Final night, the temperature dropped to minus 56 levels in Omyakon space of ​​Republic of Sakha, Photograph: File Moscow: Because the temperature dropped to minus 56 levels Celsius within the Siberia area of Russia, regular life was disrupted. In response to the World Information Company, the mountains of Siberia have lined a white blanket. The icy winds of the blizzard…

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