The effects of powerful solar storms appear in the sky

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Photo: Social media New York: The effects of the powerful solar storm that hit the Earth began to appear in the sky. According to foreign media reports, the most powerful solar storm in two decades hit the earth on Friday, due to which various countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, saw amazing views of light in the…

A solar panel made from organic molecules

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The European Union has issued a grant of 3.3 million euros to the Swedish start-up Epishine, which manufactures organic (organic) solar panels. In these solar panels, scientists have used carbon instead of silicon to transmit electricity. Organic solar cells are lightweight, cheap, partially transparent, printable, and flexible. This solar panel can also convert indoor light into electricity, this light can…

Discover more evidence of a hidden planet in the solar system

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Scientists say they have discovered new evidence that suggests there is a hidden planet in our solar system. For years, some astronomers have claimed that unusual behavior at the edge of our solar system points to an undiscovered planet. Astronomer Konstantin Bogatin, who popularized the theory, now claims that he and his team have discovered more evidence that the planet…

The first solar eclipse of this year has started in different countries of the world

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The solar eclipse will begin in Mexico: Photo: File New York: The first solar eclipse of the year began in different states of America. According to foreign media reports, the first solar eclipse of this year will be seen in Mexico, America and Canada. A solar eclipse is likely not to be seen again for the next 20 years. The…

Is solar eclipse really harmful for pregnant women?

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In some societies, solar eclipses are believed to be harmful to pregnant women and their unborn children. However, what the science says about it, the following points are being made. The belief that a solar eclipse can be harmful to both the pregnant woman and the pregnancy is rooted in cultural or religious traditions rather than scientific reasoning. In many…

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