A 2-storey floating house in the sea of ​​America got tangled

California: The mystery of a 2-story house floating in the bay of Francisco Bay, USA has been solved. According to the American media, the house was first seen near the coast of San Francisco a few days ago, after which it was seen in various places around the bay in the coming days. The floating house has given rise to…

A plan for a submarine that can stay under the sea for seven days

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California: AmericaA A designer has come up with an idea for a luxurious fish-shaped submarine that can last for seven days without coming to the surface Capable of going to a depth of 328 feet. The designer’s Deep Sea Dreamer submarine has a hall where passengers can sit and watch the underwater scenery. The Deep Sea Dreamer, a 328-feet deep-sea…

British scientists have discovered a new species of sea snail

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Scientists have discovered a new species of snail in the seas of Great Britain. According to the report of the British Broadcasting Corporation, this new species of sea snail has been discovered by the experts of the Center for Environment, Food and Ecoculture Science (CEFAE), which is engaged in research in the sea limits of Great Britain.According to scientists, the…

A citizen caught within the sea for twenty-four hours saved himself with the assistance of a watch

Wellington: A person who spent virtually 24 hours at sea in New Zealand saved himself by attracting the eye of fishermen with simply his watch. In response to New Zealand police, the survival of the citizen (whose identify has not been launched) is a miracle. He went fishing alone in his 40-foot lengthy boat and whereas attempting to catch an…

US motion within the Purple Sea, shot down two Yemeni missiles

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Photograph: Social media Washington: The US shot down two anti-ship ballistic missiles fired into the Purple Sea by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis. In response to worldwide media studies, the US army mentioned that it shot down two anti-ship ballistic missiles fired from Yemen on Saturday, which have been fired from territory managed by the Iran-backed Houthis. US Central Command mentioned in…

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