Treatment ‘useless’ in late-stage cancer, research

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Connecticut: Treatment is essentially ‘useless’ for patients with late-stage cancer, a new study has revealed. According to media reports, research published in JAMA Oncology states that various cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapies and hormone therapy fail to save patients with late-stage cancer and die. are close to Maureen Canavan, an associate research scientist at the Yale Cancer…

Weight Loss Injections May Benefit Cardiovascular Health, Research

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London: Experts say that excess weight of Millions of sufferers should use weight loss injections to improve their heart health. In a study conducted at University College London, 17,604 people over the age of 45 were studied. These individuals were either living with cardiovascular disease or had suffered a heart attack or stroke in the past. The study found that…

40 percent of cancer cases are linked to obesity, research

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London: A recent study in the UK found that 40% of cancer cases are related to obesity. According to media reports, a team of researchers in the United Kingdom found that 40 percent of all cancer cases are related to obesity. A team of researchers led by Sweden’s Lund University monitored 4.1 million participants for nearly 40 years and identified…

AI technology could diagnose rare disorders early, research

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California: Artificial intelligence technology can identify the risk of rare diseases in patients years before traditional diagnosis, a new study has revealed. According to media reports, a team of scientists has developed a new AI model that can identify people who are at high risk of developing rare immune system diseases. The researchers reported on this new AI model in…

High blood pressure in children can increase the risk of stroke up to 4 times, research

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Toronto: Having hypertension in childhood and adolescence can potentially quadruple the risk of long-term serious cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, according to a new study. One in every 15 children and adolescents worldwide is affected by hypertension and it has become a major threat. To understand the long-term effects of the condition, researchers compared 25,605 children and…

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