Gun laws fail to reduce homicides

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Carolina: A new study has found that gun laws in the US could reduce suicide rates among children and teenagers, but the chances of it reducing homicides are slim. In states with stricter gun ownership laws, suicide rates among children under the age of 18 are much lower, researchers report. However, none of the studies found gun laws to reduce…

Eating a healthy diet from childhood can reduce the risk of dementia, research suggests

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Massachusetts: According to a study, eating a healthy diet from childhood to middle age can keep the brain energized in old age, which can reduce the risk of dementia. The research, presented at the Nutrition 2024 conference, examined data on more than 3,000 people spanning nearly seven decades from their childhood. Scientists from Tufts University said that until now, studies…

Good sleep helps reduce feelings of loneliness

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Washington: A recent study found that in people who feel emotionally or socially isolated, these feelings can be reduced by getting more sleep, especially in young people. According to research published in the journal Sleep, better sleep is associated with significantly less feelings of emotional and social isolation. Young people in particular benefit from good sleep, but in general, people…

Finding a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural land

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Oslo: A study conducted in Norway has shown that using a bacteria found in the soil can cut greenhouse gas emissions during the food production process. Nitrogen fertilization causes the release of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide from agricultural soils, which accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Plants require large amounts of nitrogen for growth. Hence,…

Flavonoid-rich foods reduce diabetes risks, study

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A new study suggests that consumption of flavonoid-rich foods can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 28 percent. Type 2 diabetes is considered a major threat to public health worldwide. At present, more than 415 million people are suffering from this disease, while 40 million deaths occur due to this disease worldwide. In a recent study, scientists studied…

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