Earth-like planet discovered 40 light years away

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The American space agency NASA has discovered an Earth-like planet 40 light-years away from Earth, which may contain signs of life. An international team of astronomers pinpointed the planet’s location using NASA’s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite). Such discoveries are usually made under the ‘transit method’. In this method, a planet is identified when the star’s brightness decreases as it…

Discover more evidence of a hidden planet in the solar system

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Scientists say they have discovered new evidence that suggests there is a hidden planet in our solar system. For years, some astronomers have claimed that unusual behavior at the edge of our solar system points to an undiscovered planet. Astronomer Konstantin Bogatin, who popularized the theory, now claims that he and his team have discovered more evidence that the planet…

A water planet where the water is constantly opening

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Cambridge: Can you imagine a planet covered in boiling water? Yes! This type of planet exists in the universe where water is actually boiling. About 70 light-years away from our solar system is a planet that is likely completely covered in water, but not quite like Earth. Astronomers have described it as a boiling pot of water. Astronomers from the…

A planet the place you may be blown off your ft as quickly as you arrive

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Washington: Arguably probably the most terrifying planet in our galaxy HD 189733 b Possibly it isn’t improper. In line with NASA astronomers, this planet is without doubt one of the ‘killer planets’. To the human eye, this distant planet seems shiny blue, but when any ‘house traveler’ tries to land on it, mistaking it for an eco-friendly planet like Earth,…

When will the rings across the planet Saturn not be seen, NASA advised the date

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Washington: Our photo voltaic system’s planet Saturn is well-known for its rings, however there may be restricted time to straight observe these rings. In line with media reviews, NASA has revealed that Saturn’s rings will disappear from view in 18 months attributable to visible limitations, however these rings can be seen once more in 2032. By March 2025, the rings,…

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