1 in 5 people suffer from fatty liver disease, research

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Bristol: A new study has revealed that one in five adults suffer from fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is mainly caused by alcohol and obesity and it usually affects people aged 40 to 60. However, a recent study of 40,000 24-year-olds found that 1 in 5 suffer from this disease. British researchers used data from the ‘Children from the 90s’…

Important discovery related to people with epilepsy

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Dundee: A new study suggests that people with Parkinson’s disease can make their brains work harder to keep themselves active. Research at the University of Dundee has shown that epilepsy patients can create a ‘back channel’ in their brains to help them avoid numbness (which is one of the earliest and most common symptoms of the disease). is one of…

Most people waste money on vitamin supplements, experts say

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Pennsylvania: Many people around the world spend a lot of money on vitamin supplements, which is about 177 billion dollars globally. However, experts say that these people are just wasting money. According to media reports, Dr. Matthew Silves, vice chairman of clinical operations at Penn State Health Family in the US, said that a balanced daily diet provides all the…

People with narcissism are happier than narcissistic people, research shows

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A new study has revealed that people with narcissism lead happier lives than psychopaths. According to a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, the higher the level of self-esteem in a person, the higher the level of happiness. The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between happiness and the dark side of three-dimensional personalities….

Some people with schizophrenia find people’s faces scary

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New Hampshire: A study suggests that some people with schizophrenia may also suffer from a rare visual condition in which people’s faces appear horribly distorted. This condition is called prosopometamorphopsia (PMO). In this, the schizophrenic patient sees the facial features of others as distorted. According to media reports, American researchers said that people suffering from PMO often have trouble looking…

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