Jet passenger aircraft likely to replace Boeing aircraft by 2030

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(Photo: Jet Zero) California: A passenger jet similar to the US B-2 stealth bomber is poised to replace Boeing planes in the aviation industry by 2030. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently approved the test flights of the 250-passenger Pathfinder aircraft. The aircraft is expected to cover a distance of 9,260 km on a single tank of fuel, while…

A Chinese flight was delayed for hours after a passenger threw a coin into the engine

Beijing: A domestic Chinese flight scheduled from Sanya to Beijing was delayed for hours due to a passenger. According to media reports, a Chinese flight was delayed after a passenger was caught throwing coins into the plane’s engine. The flight was scheduled for 10 am but the departure took place after 2 pm because a passenger had thrown several coins…

Successful experience of a train running faster than a passenger plane

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Beijing: For more than a century, humans have been using airplanes to travel long distances in a short amount of time, but recently, in an experiment conducted by scientists at the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, such an electric A speed train has been successfully tested which can run twice as fast as a passenger plane. Tested on a…

A passenger airplane crashed at residence in America; A number of casualties

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A airplane crashed on a home in Florida, inflicting a number of deaths, Photograph: American media Washington: A small single-engine airplane crashed right into a home within the US state of Florida, killing passengers and a number of other occupants. Based on the World Information Company, the pilot of an engine airplane in the USA mentioned in his final contact…

Passenger airplane crashes in Brazil; 7 individuals killed

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7 individuals had been on board a vacationer airplane that crashed in Brazil, Photograph: File Brasilia: A small single-engine airplane crashed close to a waterfall in a mountainous space shortly after takeoff within the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. In keeping with the World Information Company, the passenger airplane had taken off from the town of Campinas within the state…

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