Starving Palestinians welcome Ramadan warmly; Israeli bombing continues

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Palestinians light and decorate their broken homes and dilapidated camps, Photo: File Today is the first day for millions of displaced Palestinians in Gaza, while hopes for a ceasefire during the holy month have been dashed by Israeli bombardment, but the US president says a ceasefire is still possible. According to the international news agency, Ramadan has begun, but UNRA…

As the parachute did not open, the aid packet fell on the Palestinians; 5 dead, 10 injured

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Heavy packets fell like rockets on a Palestinian family waiting for aid on the roof of their house, Photo: Reuters During a helicopter drop of aid in Gaza, a heavy packet fell onto a Palestinian family waiting for aid on a rooftop after the parachute failed to open. According to the World News Agency, an official of the Jordanian army…

Israeli bombing of residential buildings in Rafah; 25 Palestinians including 6 children martyred

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More than a dozen Palestinian women and children are still buried under the rubble of the buildings Despite the warnings of the international forces, Israel launched attacks on Rafah and destroyed residential buildings in 2 different areas in bombings, as a result of which a total of 25 Palestinians were martyred, including 6 children. According to the World News Agency,…

Israeli army firing on Palestinians gathered to receive aid; More than 100 martyrs

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Israeli army firing on Palestinians waiting for aid supplies; 104 martyrs and 760 injured (Photo: File) Rafah: 104 people were martyred and 760 injured in the indiscriminate firing of the Israeli army on Palestinian women and children who gathered in the field to receive aid in Gaza. According to the World News Agency, the Ministry of Health of Palestine has…

Famine is just one step away from Gaza’s six million Palestinians, UN says

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The United Nations has said that Israel is obstructing the delivery of aid to the Palestinians, which is one step away from famine in Gaza. According to reports published in the Arab media, this warning from the United Nations came at a time when video footage of the Israeli army firing on Palestinians gathered in Gaza for food went viral….

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