NASA contracts with major companies to build lunar rover

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London: The US space agency NASA has selected three companies to build a new lunar racer car for the Artemis mission astronauts. According to the media, this vehicle will help the astronauts to reach the mysterious places on the moon that have not been observed in the past and cannot be reached on foot. The Lunar Terrain Rover (LTV) is…

Instructions to NASA to develop a time standard for the Moon

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Washington: The White House has directed NASA to create a Lunar Virgo standard time. The US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has directed the US space agency to develop a central time reference system for the Moon based on its various gravitational forces. In a statement issued by the OSTP, head of the office Arati Prabhakar said that…

NASA has given a deadline for astronauts to submit applications

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Washington: The American space agency NASA has given time until April 2 to submit applications for aspiring astronauts to be a part of future missions that will take them to the moon and beyond. According to US media reports, the request is conditional on 10 new astronaut graduates completing an initial two years of training. The space agency said that…

NASA signs contract with Nikon to build advanced space camera

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(Photo: European Space Agency) Washington: Japanese camera maker Nikon is working with NASA on a mirrorless camera that could be used by astronauts to film the moon landing of the upcoming Artemis 3 mission. will An announcement by NASA said that the agency has entered into a Space Act contract with the company to build the hand-held Universal Lunar Camera…

NASA plans to install a nuclear reactor on the moon

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Washington: The American space agency NASA has proposed a plan to install a nuclear reactor on the moon to facilitate future space missions. Known as the Fission Surface Power Project, this project is of great importance to NASA in relation to the Artemis program. This project could provide energy in abundance on a continuous basis without being affected by any…

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