Important revelation about the presence of water on the moon

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Beijing: A team of Chinese scientists have discovered glass-like materials in soil samples brought back from the moon. These materials include hydroxyls and molecular water formed from various sources. The study, published Saturday in the journal Science Advances, suggests that glass in the lunar soil, caused by impacting asteroids, is the main reason for the presence of water in the…

A detailed geological map of the Moon continues

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Beijing: The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has released the most detailed geological map of the Moon to date. The map, called The Geological Atlas of the Lunar Globe (created by more than 100 researchers over more than a decade), includes a total of 12,341 craters, 81 basins and 17 rock types, including other basic geological information. This map was…

NASA plans to build a modern railway system on the moon

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Washington: The US space agency NASA has started funding a project to build an advanced ‘railway’ on the moon and transport humans and equipment to Mars. John Nelson, the agency’s special representative and NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program executive at NASA headquarters in Washington, said NASA will work on projects that sound like science fiction, according to media reports….

Training a robot dog to walk on the moon

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Washington: NASA researchers are training a robot dog to walk on the moon. A team of researchers based on engineers, planetary scientists, and cognitive scientists from NASA, Texas A&M University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Temple University, and the University of Pennsylvania on Oregon’s 6,000-foot-high glacial and chattel Mount Hood. A four-legged robot named ‘Spirit’ was sent. A…

Instructions to NASA to develop a time standard for the Moon

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Washington: The White House has directed NASA to create a Lunar Virgo standard time. The US Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has directed the US space agency to develop a central time reference system for the Moon based on its various gravitational forces. In a statement issued by the OSTP, head of the office Arati Prabhakar said that…

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