Oxygen took 200 million years to become part of Earth, research

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Utah: Human breathing is a very simple process on Earth. But in the early times it was not such an easy process to become one. According to a new study, it took about 200 million years for oxygen on Earth to form, which scientists have named the ‘Great Oxidation Event (GOE)’. According to the researchers, about 2.5 billion years ago,…

2.7 million deaths per year due to smoking, fossil fuels revealed

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Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated in a recent report that 2.7 million people die annually in Europe alone due to ultra-processed foods, alcohol consumption, smoking and fossil fuels. According to experts, the major cause of ill health and premature deaths are powerful industries that influence the policies and measures taken by the government to reduce cases of…

Scientists observe explosions more powerful than 50 million suns

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Perth: An international team of researchers has observed explosions more powerful than five million suns in a nearby galaxy. Researchers studied the Virgo cluster near our Milky Way galaxy, and observed a large amount of ejected gas. This emission is so massive that it would take light 20,000 years to travel from one edge to the other. Dr. Adam Watts,…

Production of 22 million tons of plastic waste is expected this year

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Lausanne: A new report has warned that 22 million tonnes of plastic waste is expected to be produced this year. This amount is equal to 20 thousand Eiffel Tower. The annual report released by the charity Earth Action stated that in 2024, 28 kilograms of plastic waste will be generated per person globally. The report predicts that more than one-third…

Comic book introducing Superman auctioned for $6 million

The copy of the comic book that introduced Superman to the world has been auctioned for $6 million. According to Heritage Auctions, Action Comics #1 (the 1938 comic book that first introduced the character of Superman) fetched a record $6 million. This comic book with Man of Steel on the cover has been inspected by grading service CGC and graded…

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