Major developments in batteries used in electric vehicles

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Tokyo: Scientists have discovered a new process that will allow the next generation of rechargeable batteries to be easily supercharged. These batteries are capable of more than doubling the range of electric vehicles. The research will help replace traditional lithium-ion batteries (found in everything from smartphones to electric vehicles) with solid-state sodium batteries that are both cheaper and safer. Solid-state…

Major advances in pancreatic cancer vaccine trials

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San Diego: A pancreatic cancer vaccine administered to patients three years ago continues to protect patients from cancer recurrence, a new study suggests. At a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in San Diego, researchers reported that eight patients who received the vaccine had no recurrence of the cancer three years later. According to the American Association of…

NASA contracts with major companies to build lunar rover

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London: The US space agency NASA has selected three companies to build a new lunar racer car for the Artemis mission astronauts. According to the media, this vehicle will help the astronauts to reach the mysterious places on the moon that have not been observed in the past and cannot be reached on foot. The Lunar Terrain Rover (LTV) is…

Major advances in solar panel technology

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(Photo: CSIRO) Sydney: Scientists have improved the efficiency and flexibility of solar panels using a magical material called perovskite New progress has been achieved. A lightweight solar panel developed by researchers from Australia and the UK is capable of converting 11 percent of the sun’s energy into electricity, making it suitable for commercial use. Their flexibility means they can be…

Google’s major move to secure user accounts

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California: Technology giant Google has introduced a new password security alert to protect its users’ accounts from cyber attackers. The Password Boost form, which is part of Google’s broader security upgrade, is rolling out to iPhone and PC users first, and will be rolling out to Android users later this month. Earlier, Google used to notify its users if their…

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