40-year-old’s diet takes effect in 70’s, study finds

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Chicago: What people eat in their 40s affects their quality of life in their 70s, a new study suggests. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition in Chicago. Researchers in the study found that people who ate a healthy diet starting in their 40s were 43 percent to 84 percent more likely to…

Tetanus vaccine may help treat eczema, study finds

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A new study suggests that a commonly available tetanus vaccine may help prevent or treat Parkinson’s disease. It is not known how the tetanus bacteria invade the cells of the disease, but researchers believe that they can gain access to the brain through nerve cells in the nose. In one study, researchers reviewed a large record that looked at increases…

Office buildings pollute more than cars, study finds

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Indiana: A new study has found that air emitted from office buildings in urban areas It is polluting the atmosphere. Research led by Brandon Burr at Purdue University found that modern buildings emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on a regular basis and may be a major source of VOCs in the urban atmosphere. . The researchers measured the exchange of…

Chemicals used in vapes can be highly toxic, study finds

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According to a study, the chemicals used for vapes are hotAfter May prove to be highly toxic compounds. Vaping devices heat liquid flavor to a high temperature so that the flavor can be vaporized and inhaled. These vapors contain many chemicals including vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings in varying amounts. Past studies have shown that some fruit-flavored vapes…

Netflix’s portrayal of trauma in young characters is misleading, study finds

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Bathroom: Streaming service Netflix is ​​downplaying youth issues in its series like Stranger Things and Spider-Man, a new study has found. 6After studying more than 0 hours of Netflix movies and TV shows, psychologists from the University of Bath and the University of Calgary concluded that the portrayal of suffering in young characters in the series is misleading. Physical trauma…

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