Risk of increased energy consumption due to artificial intelligence

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London: The chief technology officer of fuel cell technology company Series Power has warned that the increased use of artificial intelligence devices for higher efficiency is likely to lead to increased energy consumption. Speaking on a panel, Caroline Hargrove said that she was concerned about the energy consumption of ChetGPT if it was being used for even minor tasks. According…

A woman who went to watch a cricket match after leaving the office due to a family emergency was caught

Bengaluru: Cricket is a game that is like a passion for the citizens of India and Pakistan. Many fans are willing to go to any lengths to see him, even taking leave from the boss and making it to the stadium under the pretense of an emergency. According to Indian media, a similar incident happened recently in India where the…

Park closed to public due to smelly plant

Arizona: An amusement park in America has been closed to the public because of a stinky plant. According to the announcement made by the administration of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in the US state of Arizona, the recreation area of ​​the national park has been closed until April 30 due to this plant called Stinknet. Stinknet flower with…

The world is facing serious problems due to increasing e-waste

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Geneva: A new report warns that the technology we use is causing rampant e-waste. According to the United Nations report, 6.2 million tons of e-waste will be generated worldwide in 2022. This weight is equal to the weight of 6,000 Eiffel Towers. Worryingly, the amount of this waste is increasing at the rate of 2.6 million tons every year and…

Joint pain revealed in young girls due to obesity

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(Photo: Queen Mary University) London: A new study has found that girls as young as four years old are experiencing joint pain due to obesity. A review of data from 120 children from the National Child Measurement Program and data from general practitioners found that girls were twice as likely to complain of musculoskeletal (related to bones, joints, muscles or…

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