Blood tests for pancreatic cancer diagnosis are in progress

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In a new study, scientists have reported a blood test that can diagnose pancreatic cancer with up to 97 percent accuracy in its early stages. According to the researchers, the test examines eight small RNA particles and eight large DNA markers (which together form the genetic marker of the disease) from pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is currently very difficult to…

Oral cancer diagnosis lollipop

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Birmingham: Scientists in the UK are trying to develop a flavored lollipop that could be used to avoid painful oral cancer diagnoses. Currently, the diagnosis of oral cancer is made by inserting a flexible camera on the end of a tube through the nose or mouth for biopsy. This painful procedure requires a lot of time and highly skilled endoscopists….

New blood test being tested for TB diagnosis

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Southampton: Scientists say they are close to developing a blood test that could identify people who are unwittingly spreading tuberculosis (TB). A group of researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK discovered biomarkers that are found in severely affected patients. According to the World Health Organization, TB is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, killing more than 1 million…

Diagnosis of brain stroke in Mithan Chakraborty

Mithan Chakraborty was unwell on his return from shooting: Photo: Screen grab Kolkata: Legendary Bollywood actor Mithan Chakraborty has been diagnosed with ischemic cerebrovascular stroke (brain stroke). According to Indian media, senior actor Mithan Chakraborty was admitted to a hospital in Kolkata on the morning of February 10 with complaints of chest pain, weakness in upper and lower limbs, where…

Development of a methodology for the diagnosis of brain injury in newborns

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London: A new study suggests that a blood test can help determine the cause of brain injury in newborns and help guide the best treatment for them. A study conducted at Imperial College London examined children who had suffered brain injury caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen). The research found that these markers in the blood could pinpoint the cause…

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