A volcano spewing thousands of dollars worth of gold every day

Although it sounds like a dream, it is true. Mount Erebus, a volcano in Antarctica, is spewing gold pieces worth $6,000 every day. Satellite images show a lava-based lake under Mount Erebus that has been erupting since 1972. The volcano is regularly venting gas and steam flames outwards and partially ejecting molten rock. As the gas rushes out, small pieces…

Challenged by the father, the son worked day and night to add the notes

Osaka: A Japanese boy, whose father threw a 10,000 yen (Japanese currency) note into a paper shredder machine, surfed for 3 weeks to put the notes together like a jigsaw puzzle. According to media reports, Japanese Twitter user ‘Tomo’ in his shared post told about the most difficult puzzle of his life which he surfed for 3 weeks to solve….

Ukrainian man sets three Guinness World Records in one day

Bag: A Ukrainian strongman has claimed three Guinness World Records by using his beard, neck and teeth. According to Guinness World Records, Dmytro Hronsky set all three records in one day and started by pulling a heavy vehicle by a beard. Dmytro had previously attempted this record in 2019 but failed in that attempt. While pulling the car from the…

Doesn’t drinking more water at Suhoor make you thirsty for the whole day?

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Karachi: Many people drink a lot of water at Suhoor and think that by doing this we will not feel thirsty for the whole day. According to medical experts, drinking more water in Suhoor with the idea that you will not feel thirsty for the whole day is a big misunderstanding because when the amount of water in our body…

The moon of Ramadan has been sighted in Saudi Arabia, tomorrow will be the first day of fasting

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Riyadh: The moon of Ramadan has been sighted in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, tomorrow will be the first day of fasting. The Saudi Supreme Court had appealed to the citizens to see the moon of Ramadan on Sunday. In Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries, tomorrow, Monday, March 11, will be the 1st of Ramadan…

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