Experts have predicted an increase in the age of people by 5 years

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New York: Researchers predict that by 2050, the average life expectancy for men worldwide is expected to increase by about 5 years and for women by 4 years. According to a report published in the journal The Lancet, this increase is expected in countries where life expectancy is generally lower. This is because public health measures such as cardiovascular disease…

What to do to maintain mental abilities in the dying age?

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Atlanta: We all want to experience our aging in a healthy way and are willing to do anything for that, from heart-healthy foods to different types of exercise and vision-improving tips and tricks. Focus but what we tend to ignore is mental health as we age. Mental abilities decline over time due to many factors such as age-related changes, brain…

Factors of gray hair in old age

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American scientists claim that they have discovered the reason why hair turns gray with age. These scientists have claimed that when the cells that keep the hair black lose their ability to mature, the hair begins to turn white. If these cells mature, they turn into melanocytes, which maintain the hair’s natural color. A team of researchers from New York…

61-year-old man claims to age 38 with biohacking

Michigan: A 61-year-old American citizen claims to have biohacked his age to 38 years. 61-year-old Dave Pascoe from the US state of Michigan has recently made headlines for his unique lifestyle for health and longevity. A self-proclaimed biohacker, Pascoe claims to have managed to reverse his biological age of 38 through a rigorous regimen of diet, exercise and supplements. Pascoe…

What will be the highest paying skill in the age of artificial intelligence?

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Austin, Texas: With the growing impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, many individuals are focusing on learning new skills to secure their future. Many people are in favor of learning technologies like coding or artificial intelligence for better job prospects, but American billionaire entrepreneur Professor Scott Galloway in his recent interview has urged young people to learn storytelling skills. As…

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