In China, the pyramids, similar to Egypt, became the focus of people’s attention

Gizhu: In a certain region of China, there are some mountains that are strikingly similar to the pyramids of Egypt and have become a tourist attraction in recent years. These mountains are located in China’s Guizhou Province, known as Anlong Pyramids due to their resemblance to the famous pyramids of Egypt. In recent years, the Anlong Pyramid has become a…

Crows can count up to 4, new research reveals

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Massachusetts: A new study has revealed that crows can regularly count up to 4 counts. According to research published in the journal Science, the way crows recognize and react to numbers is similar to the way we humans use it. Both sexes learn to count from an early age and are quick to recognize when looking at things in numbers….

Revealing the link between air pollution and low birth weight babies

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Jerusalem: A new study has revealed that increasing air pollution is the major cause of low birth weight in newborns. A study conducted by epidemiologists at the Hebrew University found a significant link between exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and low birth weight. The study also emphasized the need for more effective air pollution control to protect people, especially…

A Japanese citizen eager to become a dog is now haunted by the ghost of becoming a fox

Tokyo: A Japanese man who spent $14,000 to disguise himself as a dog is now poised to transform into a fox or panda. According to media reports, a Japanese citizen named Toko has a YouTube channel whose official name is ‘I Want to Be an Animal’. Earlier, Toku had said that he wanted to observe the outside world in the…

The impact of social media on youth is not limited to the negative, reports

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California: A new report published recently has highlighted the negative and positive role social media is playing in the lives of young people. According to media reports released by Common Sense Media and Hope-Lab in California, while social media is proving to be harmful to young people, its benefits such as social communication, freedom of expression and information should also…

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