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New T cells targeting cancer cells discovered

Health By May 29, 2024 No Comments

Houston: A team of cancer research scientists has discovered a new subset of T cells that could potentially have positive effects on patients undergoing T-cell therapy. T-cell-based immunotherapy is effective against and often eradicates cancer. The method activates the patient’s immune system and engineers the patient’s own T cells to recognize, attack and kill cancer cells. In this way, the…

An eating disorder can persist for years

Health By May 29, 2024 No Comments

Boston: Previous studies have shown that short-term binge eating disorders do not last long, but a more detailed study has shown that this is not true. Kristen Javar, lead author of the recent US study and assistant psychiatrist at McLean Hospital in Boston, said that binge eating disorders improve over time, but for many people, they persist for years. “As…

Tattooing increases risk of blood cancer, study

Health By May 28, 2024 No Comments

Stockholm: A new study suggests that tattooing on the body increases the risk of lymphoma by 21 percent. Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that affects the body’s immune system. With the growing popularity of tattoos around the world, the incidence of malignant lymphoma is increasing. In a study conducted at Lund University in Sweden, researchers looked at both…

How important is mental health for a mother?

Health By May 28, 2024 No Comments

Washington: Mental health is an essential factor for overall health. If this ruba is degenerate, it also affects the overall health, including the physical health of the mother and her child. In many countries, 1 in 5 new mothers experience a mental disorder, but unfortunately, the condition often goes untreated due to lack of awareness and early diagnosis. Dr. Leanna…

Revealing the link between air pollution and low birth weight babies

Health By May 27, 2024 No Comments

Jerusalem: A new study has revealed that increasing air pollution is the major cause of low birth weight in newborns. A study conducted by epidemiologists at the Hebrew University found a significant link between exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and low birth weight. The study also emphasized the need for more effective air pollution control to protect people, especially…

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