Oxygen took 200 million years to become part of Earth, research

Oxygen took 200 million years to become part of Earth, research

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Utah: Human breathing is a very simple process on Earth. But in the early times it was not such an easy process to become one.

According to a new study, it took about 200 million years for oxygen on Earth to form, which scientists have named the ‘Great Oxidation Event (GOE)’.

According to the researchers, about 2.5 billion years ago, oxygen first began to accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere, setting the stage for the development of complex life on a planet that was undergoing evolutionary stages.

A study led by a geochemist from the University of Utah studied marine shales from South Africa’s Transvaal Supergroup.

In the study, which examined the isotope ratio of stable thallium (Ti) and redox-sensitive elements, the scientists discovered fluctuations in the amount of oxygen (O2) in the ocean that corresponded to changes in oxygen in the atmosphere. .

This event (GOE) lasted at least 200 million years, said Chadlin Ostrander, an assistant professor at the University. And tracking the accumulation of oxygen (O2) in the oceans has so far been difficult.

During the first half of Earth’s existence, its atmosphere and oceans were largely devoid of oxygen. This gas was produced by cyanobacteria in the ocean before the GOE, but in those early days it was quickly dissipated by reactions with minerals and volcanic gases.

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