A tiny fish that makes as much noise as an airplane

A tiny fish that makes as much noise as an airplane

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Berlin: Nature has endowed various living beings with amazing abilities. One such fish, Danionella cerebrum, is capable of producing a sound as loud as that of an airplane.

Danionella cerebrum, which is only 12 mm in size, can produce more than 140 dB of sound. This amount is equivalent to the sound heard by a person standing 100 meters away from a passenger plane in flight.

By the way, this fish was discovered in the 1980s, but in 2021, scientists discovered it and other fish of the same species. Danionella translucida discovered a very subtle difference between them, after which these fish were officially recognized.

A team of researchers recently discovered an interesting feature of Danionella cerebrum that not only sets it apart from its closest relatives, but also places it high on the list of the world’s loudest sounding organisms.

Dr. Ralf Bertz, an aquatic biologist at the Senckenberg Natural History Collections in Germany, said the tiny fish could make sounds of more than 140 dB at a distance of 10 to 12 millimeters. It is equivalent to the sound of an airplane taking off at a distance of 100 meters. For an animal of such a small size to produce a sound of such power is amazing.

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