Social media user invited friends with his amputated leg

Social media user invited friends with his amputated leg

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A user shared his story on social news website Reddit in which he told his followers that he recently made a delicious dish for himself and his friends with the meat of his chopped leg, which everyone enjoyed.

According to media reports, a Read-It user named ‘IncrediblyShinyShart’ held an online program on his account called “Ask Me Anything” in which he revealed that he had one of his feet amputated for medical reasons. And instead of having the doctor scold him, he decided to keep it to himself and decided to have a feast with friends. Tacos were on the menu.

Asked for more details, the consumer stated that his leg meat tasted like buffalo meat but chewier. There was more meat and less fat.

The user added that although his friends were willing to eat his leg meat, one friend backed out at the right time.

The user said that he got the idea of ​​doing this strange thing from an interesting discussion with friends. My friends and I used to joke that if we could get human meat legally and cook it in a healthy way, would we eat it? To that we always said yes.

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