Being more sensitive to esteem increases the risk of depression

Being more sensitive to esteem increases the risk of depression

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New York: A new study recently found that people who value their self-esteem significantly increase their risk of depression over time when their self-esteem is tarnished.

According to media reports, research published in the ‘Journal of Social Psychology’ shows that such people are very sensitive about their self-esteem, and when their self-esteem is threatened, their mental health is affected. .

The study, conducted by American researchers, aimed to better understand the relationship between depression and suicide, especially in societies where honor is highly valued.

There are some societies in the world that place too much emphasis on the survival of social or family honor, which manifests in men as strength and courage, and in women as sexual purity and fidelity.

For example, the US South and West regions with a culture of honor have reported higher suicide rates than the North and Midwest.

“My colleagues and I sought to fully understand the everyday experiences that lead to high suicide rates in such societies,” said study author Stephen Foster, assistant professor of social psychology at Penn State York University.

He said that we want to prevent this, and for this it is important that the experiences of people who have gone through these feelings are brought forward, then an effective program can be prepared in this regard.

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