A strange uninvited guest arrives at the wedding ceremony

A strange uninvited guest arrives at the wedding ceremony

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Oklahoma: A woman’s wedding in America was attended by a strange uninvited guest, a woman who claimed to be a cat.

According to media reports, the unknown woman sat on the grass near the ceremony with her hands on her knees like a cat and continued to watch the ceremony.

The incident happened at a woman’s wedding in the state of Oklahoma, which was attended by about 100 guests, when a woman wearing a cat mask, fake ears and a fake tail came close to the ceremony and sat down on the couch. Gone. The woman believed that he was not a human but a cat.

The bride, Mistek Morris, first saw her from afar and thought she might be a baby cow, but as people walked past her during the ceremony, they were all surprised to find her a human. Who was trying to imitate the cat.

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Mrs. Mistek Morris recalled the incident, saying that one thing that seemed very bad was that many people were paying more attention to the ‘cat’ than to me. Everyone found this woman really strange.

Mrs. Mistek further said that the ceremony started and ended and the whole time the woman with the cat sat on the grass and watched us. However, after the ceremony, she left as quietly as she had come.

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