Why do most people quit within a few months of joining?

Why do most people quit within a few months of joining?

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Mumbai: A woman working in the HR department of an Indian company recently shared on social media the reasons why most employees quit within a few months or 1 year of joining the job.

According to Indian media, a woman named Bharti Pawar, who is an HR executive at Impact Infotech Pvt Ltd, shared on LinkedIn a list of reasons that make an employee resign after 6 months or a year of a new job.

The woman wrote that employees do not join a company to quit their job. No one likes to change job frequently but the environment forces them to do so.

Bharti wrote that the first reason is the stressful environment of the organization where peace of mind is not available, the second is low pay, the third is unpaid overtime, the fourth is excessive work pressure, the fifth is nepotism and the sixth is politics.

He wrote that these are the reasons why most people quit a job within a few months of joining.

The post has received more than 1,300 reactions and numerous comments since it was shared. Some users agreed with the HR executive and others shared their own opinions.

One user replied that every company should be thoroughly vetted on Glassdoor before joining. (Glassdoor is a platform where employees and employers express opinions about companies).

Another user wrote that why should only employers have the right to fire? Employees should also have this right. He further wrote that there should be strict laws or measures against rogue employers.

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