The doctors amputated the fingers of the hands on the long-standing wish of the patient

The doctors amputated the fingers of the hands on the long-standing wish of the patient

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Quebec: A Canadian man has developed a strange mental disorder in which the patient believes that a certain part of his body is not his own.

According to media reports, a citizen from the Canadian province of Quebec is suffering from body identity integrity disorder (BIID). This is why the patient recently asked his doctor to amputate the fourth and fifth fingers of his left hand because he felt that these fingers were not part of his body.

Dr. Nadia Nadeau, from the Department of Psychiatry at Université Laval in Quebec, published a case report on a patient who, since childhood, had experienced painful thoughts that the last two fingers of his left hand were missing. They are not part of his body.

The doctor said that these thoughts have plagued the patient throughout his life. These thoughts also caused constant irritability, impaired mental capacity, and nightmares in which the patient saw both of his fingers rotting or burning.

The patient has not told anyone at home about his toes due to embarrassment, but he often fantasizes about amputating the toes himself.

The doctor wrote that the patient knows that self-harm is not a solution and that it will have negative effects on the patient’s social relationships, identity and health, but he cannot imagine living with these fingers for years.

Brain imaging was also done by the doctors but the results were normal after which the patient was offered different treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotics and exposure therapy but none of them managed to improve the disease. Not proven.

Ultimately, it was decided by the doctors that the patient’s improvement was only to be accepted. So both his fingers were cut off.

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