Revealing the relationship between walking patterns and nocturnal sleep

Revealing the relationship between walking patterns and nocturnal sleep

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Virginia: Taking energetic steps while walking may be an indicator of a better night’s sleep, a new study has found.

Researchers from George Mason University in the United States investigated the relationship between walking and night sleep in a group of young people wearing motion sensors.

In the study, researchers found that people who walked with hunched shoulders and erratic steps (as if they were drunk) were more likely to have disturbed sleep. At the same time, these indicators were also an indication of the increase in the chances of these people being injured.

In this study, the researchers tried to find out the relationship using motion sensing technology and artificial intelligence.

Joel Martin, the head of the research from the university, said that most people adopt this style of walking that has negative effects on sleep without thinking about it. When a person sleeps less, they are more likely to walk like a ‘drug addict’.

A number of studies have been conducted in the past regarding the relationship between sleep quality and walking patterns.

A 2016 study from Israel’s University of Haifa found that older people with poor sleep quality walk with slower and more erratic steps, which increases their chances of falling.

In 2020, a study by psychologists at Louisiana State University in the US found that older people with worse sleep quality had erratic walking patterns.

Joel Martin said this study is one of the few that has explored this relationship in young adults. In the past, a study by psychologists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found a similar but more dramatic relationship between students’ walking patterns and sleep quality.

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