Plans for a mega hotel powered by nuclear energy are presented

Plans for a mega hotel powered by nuclear energy are presented

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Experts have envisioned a giant nuclear-powered hotel ‘Skytank’ that could travel in the air for months.

In the CGI video presented about the hotel, it was shown that the plane has a capacity of 5000 thousand passengers while it also has a 360-degree view.

The futuristic aircraft-like hotel has a small nuclear reactor and 20 electric motors, allowing it to travel in the clouds for long periods of time without touching the ground.

Even aircraft repairs can be done in-flight, a first in the aviation industry.

Hashim Al Ghaili, who came up with the idea of ​​the giant plane, said that this nuclear-powered sky cruise could potentially be the transport of the future.

He also claimed that this large aircraft could potentially be fully autonomous.

From cinemas to shopping malls, the air hotel will have all the facilities to entertain the passengers.

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