People addicted to using elevators have a higher risk of early death, study

People addicted to using elevators have a higher risk of early death, study

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Norwich: A new study has revealed that if a person wants to live longer, they should prefer to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator whenever they have to climb to an upper floor.

According to media reports, British researchers have reported in a recent study that people who climb stairs regularly have a 24% lower risk of dying from any cause and a 39% lower risk of dying from heart disease.

People who climbed stairs were compared to people who had always used the elevator. The results also showed that climbing stairs was also associated with a lower risk of heart attack, heart failure or stroke.

Dr. Sophie Paddock, a researcher at Norwich University Hospital Foundation Trust in the UK, said that if you are faced with both options of climbing the stairs or taking the lift, you should choose the stairs because it is beneficial for your heart health. .

He said that climbing stairs is a very simple form of physical activity, but often people neglect it in a hurry.

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