Millions of people's data stolen from websites with dot-pk domains

Millions of people’s data stolen from websites with dot-pk domains

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Karachi: Millions of people’s data was stolen from websites with dot-pk domains in Pakistan.

Russian cyber security company Kaspersky has revealed that websites with dot-pk domains in Pakistan are easy targets for hackers and data of 24 lakh people have been stolen from websites with dot-pk domains during 2023.

A 643% increase was recorded in virus attacks to steal data from websites. According to the annual report of Caspersky, in 2023, about 10 million (one crore) devices will be victims of data-stealing viruses. In the last 5 years, 443,000 websites were attacked worldwide.

According to the report, the dotcom domain came under the brunt of the attacks, with around 326 million logins and password data stolen from websites on that domain, while 24% of websites with dotpk domains in Pakistan alone were hacked. The data of lakhs of people was stolen. According to Kaspersky data, 443,000 websites worldwide were attacked by data-stealing viruses in the last 5 years.

According to research released by Kaspersky, 643% more websites had their data stolen in 2023 than in the previous 3 years. Researchers believe that the number of compromised websites could be many times more than one million. Kaspersky has created a special awareness webpage on this important issue to educate people on how to stay safe.

The stolen data includes data related to social media, online banking and various corporate services. Cyber ​​attackers can use stolen data for many purposes.

Speaking in this regard, Kaspersky Technical Group Manager Hafeez Rehman said that the attackers determine the price of the data according to its category and generally a file sold on the dark web can cost up to 10 dollars. .

He further said that apart from common man, corporate companies can also be targeted by cyber attackers and to avoid them, it is important to choose appropriate cyber security solutions to avoid any major damage. Companies can help their customers, employees and partners protect themselves from risk in this way. They can monitor data theft immediately and prompt users to change leaked passwords immediately.

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