Fruit, a delightful gift of nature

Fruit, a delightful gift of nature

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Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with numerous blessings. Colorful, juicy fruits are among the special blessings of Allah. All kinds of seasonal fruits are available in Pakistan.

Fruits contain all nutrients, vitamins and minerals etc. Eating fruits keeps a person healthy and energetic. Consume fresh and juicy fruits as much as possible to stay healthy and fresh.

date fruit

Dates are highly nutritious, fresh blood producing, digestive. Strengthens the stomach, liver and intestines, makes the body fat, is very useful in diseases like constipation and paralysis. Dates contain all nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Date kernels are also a cure for many diseases. For example, it stops diarrhea. The poultice of burnt kernels stops the bleeding and cleans the wound, using this poultice as a poultice strengthens the teeth. (Book of Al-Mafaridat)

Other benefits of dates are as follows: Dates should be used regularly to restore energy quickly for physical weakness especially when one has not had food for a while. Use cucumber, cucumber, watermelon and potato along with dates to lose weight. Eat dates daily to kill stomach bugs. Use plenty of dates to relieve colic pains in the kidneys, bladder, bowels, and intestines.


It is a delicious fruit. It is also mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is useful in skin diseases, stomach and liver work well by eating figs, swelling of the spleen is removed.

Take two grains for sore throat, for hard boils, boil figs in milk and apply bandages. This will remove the dirty material quickly. If the child does not have hair on his head, grind fig bark and sea foam and make a thick paste. Eating figs increases the height of children. Elderly eat three to four grains daily with milk, eyesight will be sharp. White milk comes out when fresh figs are broken. Applying this milk on the Leucoderma scars removes the marks


By eating the beautiful and refreshing fruit of mulberry, the health is instantly restored. It has hundreds of varieties. Some varieties are such that the taste of mulberry melts like a sweet when you put it in your mouth and makes you want to eat more. In minutes the plate becomes smooth.

The mulberry fruit flushes out the impurities produced by diseases. Improves liver function, purifies blood. Protects against boils, sore throat and cures diphtheria. Panic eliminates restlessness and irritability. Eating it calms the nerves. The heart and mind are refreshed.

White mulberry strengthens the liver and lungs. Today, mulberry syrup is an effective remedy for whooping cough. If there are blisters in the mouth, use black mulberry syrup, the tonsils of the throat increase, if the voice becomes heavy, give mulberry syrup, there will be no need for surgery.

Keeps the throat clean in smoking, cleans the kidneys, relieves thirst, eating mulberry does not increase the tonsils of the throat, eat 200 grams of mulberry every morning and evening for two months in the summer days to get rid of diphtheria. goes


Lemon is a flavorful fruit that is an integral part of every meal. It is digestible. In vomiting and nausea, cut a lemon and sprinkle a little salt and black pepper on it, apply lemon juice, rose extract mixed with a spoonful of glycerin or honey by weight, nails and acne disappear. Drinking lemon juice relieves heat.

Dehydration is controlled. Fever decreases. Vomiting stops. Stomach functions remain normal. In toothache, pyorrhea or maskhora, drink juice mixed with rose water. Give lemon skunjen in malaria. Mixing besan in the extract and applying it on the face removes blemishes. Drink lemon juice three times a day in asthma. It is very beneficial in liver and spleen diseases. In Jaundice, give Skanjin frequently. If you have a headache, squeeze lemon in coffee and drink it. Squeeze a lemon in lemongrass juice every day to remove obesity.

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