Do not brush your teeth in these 3 situations

Do not brush your teeth in these 3 situations

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London: A dentist’s tips are going viral on the internet in which he has mentioned 3 situations in which brushing should not be done.

Dr. Shadi Manochhari, Clinical Director of Smart Dental Esthetics and Director of the London School of Facial Esthetics, sparked an online debate when she described brushing in 3 situations as harmful.

Dr. Manochhari said there are some situations in which you may be tempted to brush, but in reality, it can be harmful. He added that there is one cause that is the same in all three conditions and that is the level of acidity in the mouth, or pH.

1) Do not brush teeth after vomiting/vomiting. The contents of the stomach are acidic. So if you brush your teeth immediately after vomiting, you’re essentially rubbing the acid onto your teeth, which can damage them. Teeth are minerals and acid destroys minerals. This acidity will pass naturally through the saliva and may take about 30 to 60 minutes.

2) The same is the case after eating food. When we eat anything, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or snacks, the bacteria on your teeth metabolize it and turn it into acid.

3) As for sweet things like sweets or sweet drinks, these sweets are also used by the natural bacteria on our teeth as food. However, this nutritional process results in acidosis. Also give the saliva time to neutralize the acidity naturally.

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