Causes and prevention of back pain

Causes and prevention of back pain

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Pain is apparently not a disease, but it is a reaction that indicates any abnormal change in our body. Pain can appear in any organ of the human body at any time, but the sensation of pain in different organs is different.

Of all the pains in the human body, back pain is said to be the most excruciating because it leaves the great wrestlers bent. Back pain is a commonly occurring pain that can bother anyone anywhere. It is a severe type of pain that radiates to the muscles and nerves of the back. When back pain attacks, the patient’s body becomes weak and weak. The pain is worse when moving, sitting up and at night than during the day.

Causes of Back Pain

There are many medical causes of back pain, but nowadays people who have to sit for long periods of time or work while standing are more prone to it. The back pain also becomes aggressive due to the increase of hot or cold factor in the mood. Similarly, excess of physical amount of uric acid, constipation, gap in seals, nephritis, kidney stones etc. are also among its causes.

A sudden jolt to the back from lifting heavy weights or spasms in the back muscles can also be a source of back pain. General physical weakness is also a major cause of back pain, while poor, substandard and adulterated foods are proving to be the cause of physical weakness.

By continuously consuming poor and substandard food, the body’s immunity becomes weak, which causes tension and pressure conditions in the nerves and muscles and starts causing physical pains. Apart from this, severe pain also occurs due to damage in the seals of the spinal cord. Sometimes the pain starts from the back nerve and radiates to the right and left legs. In medical terms this is sometimes referred to as a ‘slipped disc’.

The main cause of the supposed ‘disc slip’ is pressure on the fourth disc. When there is stress or pressure on the fourth joint, as a reaction, pain starts to be felt through the whole back and into one or both legs. Similarly, when the feeling of back pain is in the tail bone and the pain is severe while sitting or doing movements, then it is generally believed to be the cause of the twelfth vertebra slipping or moving out of its place.

Such pain can be relieved immediately by using painkillers, but until the joint is not able to adjust to its position, the pain in the tailbone becomes more and more severe. If it cannot be treated in time, the pregnant woman may be forced to suffer from this pain for the rest of her life.

Domestic measures

remember! Focus on eliminating the cause of disease and pain, pain and disease will go away automatically. Consult a medical professional to learn about your mood. In order to reduce the intensity of pain and for immediate relief, lightly massage magic oil on the back and add millet, chana wheat and salt together in a cloth and heat it on the back and tap it on the back. Will be.

If the pain is due to excessive heat in the body, then massage with coriander oil and add red sugar to 10 grams of coriander and eat a spoonful daily. When the pain in the back is due to excessive cold, boiling 5 grams of fenugreek and drinking it a few times will relieve it. Eating 7 pieces of figs, 10 tolas of nutmeg and walnut also relieves cold back pain.

Medical techniques

The best way to get rid of any ailment or pain is to arrange your medication, diet and daily routine with a specialist doctor. However, for the convenience and benefit of the common people, some simple home remedies are given here so that the readers can get relief from back pain temporarily.

When back pain occurs due to excess of uric acid, use half a spoonful of any of Philosfa, Atariful Saghir and Sooranjan in the morning and evening with half a cup of Irq-e-Badiyan. If the back pain is due to constipation, then mixing 5 tola of lukewarm milk with gulkand and using it continuously for three days will get rid of the pain. Similarly, by treating the other reasons for back pain attack with the described treatment principles, you can be effective in getting rid of this painful and painful pain.

Generally, to strengthen the waist, make 25 grams of safof, 50 grams of glutinous rice flour, 100 grams of almonds, 200 grams of black roasted chickpeas and 250 grams of red sugar and make it a daily routine for some time. Adding half a spoonful of honey to a half-boiled egg also helps to protect against back pain and also protects against nerve weakness.


Completely stay away from meat, rice, fats, brinjal, cola drinks, bakery products, fast foods, lentils, lentil mash, corn, peas, beans, greens, tarsh, heavy and fatty foods. In case of spinal cord problems, consult a specialist without wasting time on tips and hearsay medical techniques.

Try to avoid unnecessary use of temporary pain relievers as much as possible, as painkillers provide temporary relief but can also cause liver and kidney failure, including gastrointestinal disorders.

Manual therapy is the only solution to get rid of back pain caused by a malfunction of the seals. A skilled therapist can easily adjust the seals with the fingers and thumb on the palm of the hand. Also, make back and back muscle strengthening diet and exercise a part of your routine to stay safe from back pain permanently. Proper use of nerve-strengthening foods and caution against astringent and bitter ingredients while using food also prevent nerve and muscle problems including back pain.

Do not keep too much distance between your seat and waist in daily routine. Use a hard chair if sitting for long periods of time. In case of pain, sleep on hard bed or floor instead of soft bed. During pain, avoid lifting weights, climbing stairs, working with bent back and paying stipend. Compulsory back exercises daily. Practicing yoga asanas that strengthen the spine are extremely beneficial for permanent back pain relief.

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