An Indian newscaster fainted while reading the news of the heat wave

An Indian newscaster fainted while reading the news of the heat wave

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The female anchor said that the heat inside the studio was also high—Photo: NDTV

Kolkata: The heat wave is at its peak in India and the mercury has crossed 40 to 46 degree Celsius in many areas and at the same time Lopamdra Sinha, the anchor of TV channel Doordarshan fainted while reading the news of the heat wave live.

According to NDTV report, Doordarshan Kolkata Bureau anchor Lopamdra Sinha was reading the weather report and her tongue was slurring and her voice was slurred before she fainted.

Many parts of India are in the grip of heat wave these days and the temperature has gone from 40 degrees Celsius to 46 degrees Celsius in many places.

During the worst episode of Heatwave, TV anchor Lopamdra Sinha fainted on camera due to low blood pressure while reading live news.

In her video message posted on social networking site Facebook, Lopamdra Sinha said, “The teleprompter went blank in front of me and darkness fell in front of me and I fell off my chair.”

She said that she fainted due to the worst heat wave as her blood pressure suddenly dropped and the heat was high in the city and inside the studio was also very hot due to a fault in the cooling system.

The female anchor said that she was not feeling well since the start of the morning broadcast and I never carried a water bottle with me, never felt the need for a drop of water in my 21-year broadcasting career. Because there are 15 or half hour broadcasts.

Lopamdra Sinha said that it was 15 minutes into the broadcast that I was getting a dry throat, when other scenes were playing on TV, I alerted the floor manager and asked for a bottle of water.

He further said that I did not get a chance to take a sip of water as the news was going on without a break, there was a break at the closing moments of the bulletin, which made it useful for me to drink water.

The female reporter had read two news stories after drinking water and was about to read two more news stories when she fainted.

He said that while presenting the news of heat wave, my tongue started slurring. The images were playing on the V screen for 30 to 40 seconds and during that time I fell off my chair.

When the female anchor fell, the men working there came to her aid and sprinkled water on her face and supported her.

Lopamdra Sinha also apologized to the channel management for the unfortunate incident and thanked her producers for managing the broadcast during her coma.

He said that I never thought that such an incident would happen and told the viewers to take care of themselves in this hot summer season.

It should be noted that during heat wave, maximum consumption of water and juices etc. is important to maintain health even when sitting indoors.

The Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal are currently under the grip of heat wave, where this is the second series of heat wave during this month, in the first phase, citizens were also affected by heat wave in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. were

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