A woman who went to watch a cricket match after leaving the office due to a family emergency was caught

A woman who went to watch a cricket match after leaving the office due to a family emergency was caught

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Bengaluru: Cricket is a game that is like a passion for the citizens of India and Pakistan. Many fans are willing to go to any lengths to see him, even taking leave from the boss and making it to the stadium under the pretense of an emergency.

According to Indian media, a similar incident happened recently in India where the Indian Premier League (IPL) is ongoing. The IPL started on March 22 and cricket fans across the country are glued to their television screens hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite cricketer while many citizens book stadium tickets to watch the matches live.

Recently, a woman also took leave on the pretext of a family emergency and went to watch a match at the stadium.

Miss Dwivedi, who works in a private company, asks her boss for a day off due to a family emergency, which the boss approves.

But the woman’s lie was caught when her boss spotted her sitting in the stadium on TV watching the IPL live.

Miss Dwivedi shared the funny incident in an Instagram video, saying that her boss saw her on TV while she was watching a live match.

The woman said that while she was at the stadium, her boss called her and asked her about her favorite team, the boss then said that she looked upset because her team lost because I told you. Recognized in just a split second as the camera pans to you.

The boss finally said, ‘So this is your family emergency that you took leave for’.

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