A woman who kept 166 dogs and cats in a small flat was punished

A woman who kept 166 dogs and cats in a small flat was punished

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Leon: 159 cats and 7 dogs were found in the small flat of a 68-year-old woman in France, after which the woman was declared to be suffering from a rare disease called ‘Noah Syndrome’.

According to media reports, the woman has been given a one-year suspended sentence for keeping 159 cats and 7 dogs in poor condition in her 80 square meter apartment.

The unidentified woman and her 52-year-old male partner had frequent fights with other neighbors in the building over their pets. Eventually the Prussians informed the police who reached the woman’s house but were shocked by the condition inside the house.

Animal waste was spread everywhere. In addition to more than 150 cats and 7 dogs, two dead cats and two dogs were also found in the bathroom.

Many of the animals were suffering from lack of water and malnutrition while many had worms on their skin. Many of these animals had died in the past.

In her statement, the elderly woman admitted that she had neglected to take care of her pets, but despite that, animals were like life to her.

The woman was diagnosed psychologically by the doctors, after which the woman was declared as a patient of ‘Noah Syndrome’. The judge has banned the woman from owning pets again while also ordering her and her male partner to donate $160,000 to various animal rights charities.

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