Why do you want to get rid of blackheads?

Why do you want to get rid of blackheads?

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Blackheads refer to the black marks on our face, especially the nose and cheeks, which look very ugly. This problem mostly occurs in school and college going girls.

Whether your skin is healthy or suffering from any kind of problems, breakouts are common on all skin types. As ugly as they look, they are also difficult to remove, even if you use expensive and good creams, they do not get rid of them.

Today we tell you about some home remedies, through which you can get rid of blackheads completely at home without spending any money and without any pain.

Baking soda is also used in various cosmetic products. Daily use of baking soda on your skin keeps your skin clean and clear. To make this mixture, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of water and apply it on the face where there are blackheads and massage gently, then wash the face with water. It will not only remove blackheads, but also remove excess oil and sebum from your face, which causes blackheads to form on the skin.

Lemon juice is known to be very useful for solving all skin problems. Be it pimples or acne on the face, lemon juice is very beneficial. Lemon juice is used in two ways to clear blackheads.

One way is to add four drops of lemon juice to one teaspoon of sugar and apply it on the blackheads and then rub it well. It will also clear blackheads and make the skin glow. Another way to use it is to mix curd, honey and salt in lemon juice and apply it on blackheads. It is a great moisturizer as well as a blackhead remover.

Salt water is also considered as an excellent home remedy for throat clearing. It is also very useful for clearing skin blemishes. Salt water also removes excess oil from your facial skin. Apply the salt water on the blackheads with the help of a cotton ball. With its daily and regular use, blackheads will disappear from the ends.

Apply the toothpaste on the blackheads with the help of a toothbrush. It can be used in two ways. Leave a toothpaste on the blackheads for some time, it will remove the excess oil from the face and it will also protect the face from blemishes. Second, apply the toothpaste on a toothbrush and massage it on the blackheads. This will clear the blackheads like an exfoliator. Toothpaste will also make your skin soft and supple.

Honey not only protects your facial skin from wrinkles, but if you apply it on your face like a mask, it also clears blackheads. Mix cinnamon powder with honey to make a mask and leave it on your face for a few hours, then wash your face with lukewarm water. The skin of the face will be fresh and soft.

It may seem strange to think of applying egg on your face, but it’s incredibly beneficial for your skin. Add one to two egg whites to a spoonful of honey and apply it on the blackheads for half an hour. It helps to clear blackheads as well as soften the skin of the face.

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