Why are married women reluctant to become mothers in South Korea?  The reason came out

Why are married women reluctant to become mothers in South Korea? The reason came out

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Women in South Korea choose careers over having children – Photo: BBC

Seoul: South Korea is among the countries in the world where the birth rate is record low and there is a fear of population imbalance in the coming years, but what is the reason for the decrease in the birth rate in South Korea and married women having children? Why do you give priority to career instead?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said in a report on the subject that the woman and her friends living in the suburbs of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, told about the story that neither the woman nor her other Female friends are planning to have children.

They are becoming part of a growing community of women who don’t want to have children, the report said.

There is a trend of declining birth rate in developed countries around the world, but in South Korea, this trend has become a very dangerous situation and the government has taken measures for this.

The government has provided facilities of cash, housing and tax subsidies to married couples who have children, their hospital bills and other treatments are also covered by the government, but this facility is only available to married couples. taken

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These measures by the South Korean government have not been effective, so prominent political leaders and influential figures in society have to come up with more creative programs such as military service for men who have 3 children by the age of 30. Exemption from execution.

Women say that they are so poor in terms of livelihood that their busy schedule does not allow them to take care of children because they barely get a chance to clean the house and exercise before going to bed at night after reaching home from the office and in such a society. Women are not valued much.

He said, “I am very attached to my work, it gives me great satisfaction, but it is difficult to work in Korea because you are stuck in this mundane cycle of work.”

The report noted that policymakers blame young women in particular for not paying attention to their own needs and have tried to explain their decisions to women across the country for not having children.

A 28-year-old employed woman reported that she had seen women who were forced to quit their jobs by being encouraged to promote after having children, and that was enough to make her decide not to have children. .

It should be noted that in South Korea, both women and men are allowed one year of leave within 8 years after the birth of a child, but in 2022, only 7 percent of men received this facility, while this rate remained at 70 percent of women.

The report noted that Korean women are among the most educated of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member countries, yet there is a clear gender gap in employment, and women are out of work at a much higher rate than men.

Researchers say this suggests that they are forced to have a career or family and that they are choosing a career, which is increasing.

Another married woman said that after giving birth, mothers have to give full time to the child for the first two years which would bother me even though they want their husband to have the child.

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