Support for Israel can be politically damaging;  US Vice President's Advice to Joe Biden

Support for Israel can be politically damaging; US Vice President’s Advice to Joe Biden

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Make policies and statements regarding the Palestinians softer and more compassionate, Kamala Harris

Washington: US Vice President Kamala Harris has suggested to President Joe Biden that in order to avoid political damage, the policy and rhetoric on the issue of Palestinians must be softened.

According to the report of ‘New York Times’, the presidential election campaign is going on in America, in which the former President Donald Trump is seen giving a tough competition to the current President Joe Biden.

One of the reasons for this is President Joe Biden’s unwarranted support for Israel and his controversial policy on Palestine, on which the US ruling party is facing criticism from its opponents as well as supporters.

In the same context, US Vice President Kamala Harris warned that voters’ anger and criticism of the Palestinian issue may also have political consequences, so try to reduce the anger that is raised on Palestine.

During official meetings, the US vice president urged President Joe Biden and the White House administration to speed up efforts to reduce Palestinian casualties and a cease-fire, and to increase expressions of compassion.

It should be noted that since October 7, 2023, the number of Palestinians who have been martyred in the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza has exceeded 30,000, while more than 70,000 are injured, and the United States has been severely criticized for helping Israel in this heinous war crime. Is.

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