New Species of Amazon Dragon, World's Largest Snake Discovered

New Species of Amazon Dragon, World’s Largest Snake Discovered

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Scientists believe that this species evolved from another species hundreds of millions of years ago—Photo: Reuters

Ecuador: Researchers in the Amazon have discovered the world’s largest snake species, the green dragon, which was separated from its family 100 million years ago in the jungles of Ecuador, but closely resembles the present day.

According to a report by foreign news agency Reuters, a video released online shows the snake being 20 feet (6.1 meters) long and Dutch biologist Freak Vonk swimming alongside the 200-kilogram (441-pound) snake. are doing

It was thought that the only species of green dragon in the world was Unicus morinus, but the scientific journal Diversity this month revealed a new species of northern green dragon, Unicus akiyama.

“What we had to do there was use the dragon as a tool to find out how the oil spill that sickened the Yasuni in Ecuador because Oil spills are completely out of control.

Professor Brian Fry of the Department of Biology at the University of Queensland has been researching the species of dragons found in South America for the past 20 years. were

What was surprising, he said, was that despite the genetic differentiation and long distance between the two species, they were completely similar.

Green dragons look very similar but have a 5.5 percent genetic difference, which has surprised scientists.

Professor Brian Fry said that this is a big genetic difference, especially when you put it in the background where only 2% are different from monkeys.

He said that dragons are useful sources of information for the environmental health of the said region and the effects of oil spills on human health in the region.

Some of the snakes studied in Ecuador were heavily contaminated with oil spills, the professor said, and the dragon and arapaima fish were also absorbing large amounts of petrochemical metals.

Brian Frye said that this means that if Arapaima fish eat oily metals, which pregnant women need to avoid, just as women avoid salmon and tuna and other fish around the world. Methyl mercury in parts is considered a hazard.

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