Make the diseased liver healthy

Make the diseased liver healthy

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The blessed practice of fasting gives us a wealth of health by rejuvenating the most important organ. Photo: File

The liver is the filtration plant in the human body. Allah Ta’ala has entrusted this organ with the responsibility of expelling the toxic elements that enter or are produced in the human body. Therefore, if the liver is damaged, a person cannot survive.

It is unfortunate that we take various measures to keep the heart, kidneys and brain healthy but do not pay much attention to keeping the liver healthy. However, in terms of its importance, this organ is as important as the brain, heart and kidneys. Assess the importance of the liver from the fact that according to experts, it plays a role in performing “more than five hundred” functions in our body.

The liver (after the skin) is the largest organ in the human body. When we eat or drink anything, the liver extracts nutrients from it and supplies it to the body. The remaining part of this food is called poisonous. It is absorbed into the blood passing through the liver. Or the liver secretes a substance, bile. This substance is also useful in removing toxic substances from the body.

Toxins formed in the liver and absorbed into the bile, first pass through our intestines. Then they are excreted as waste. The toxins that are produced in the liver and become part of the blood, are cleaned by the kidneys. They are then excreted from the body in the urine.

It is obvious that if the liver and kidneys are damaged or do not perform their duties properly, then gradually toxic substances will start accumulating in the human body. These substances then make the person sick and if they are not treated in time, they can even push the patient to death.

To protect the liver from damage, it is important that we eat good food. The reason is that the liver processes the food in our body. If we start eating more food. And if this food is high in fat, spices, sugar and salt, such a diet will damage the liver in the long run. Then the liver has to work harder to dispose of such poor and excess food. This excessive exertion also has negative effects on the liver.

According to medical experts, the holy month of Ramadan comes as good news and mercy especially for our liver. The reason is that a person abstains from food and drink all day during this month. In this way, the liver gets a wealth of rest and peace which it does not get in normal months.

Be it machinery or any part, it wears out with constant use. It also needs to be oiled or greased from time to time. The same is the case with human organs. If the heart, liver and kidneys, especially, continue to work continuously and do not get adequate rest, disorders arise in them. These defects cause various diseases in man, but he usually does not understand why he fell victim to these diseases.

Ramadan Mubarak is a great gift from Allah Almighty to mankind in terms of medicine. Because in this month, when he abstains from food and drink daily for thirty consecutive days, all his vital organs, especially the liver and kidneys, get adequate rest. And doing it continuously for eleven months helps to remove the defects that arise.

As if in the month of Ramadan, the sick liver gets this golden opportunity to make itself healthy and remove many of its defects. During most of the day he is free and not under the pressure of work. This period of rest enables the liver to repair the defects that have developed in it during the last eleven months. Remember, Allah has given the liver the ability to get rid of its bad parts and make healthy parts.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the liver benefits only when a person eats good food. If the abundant portion of food in Suhoor and Iftar consists of fat, oil, salt and sugar, then the liver cannot get the benefits that it should get from fasting.

This is because 10% of our liver is made up of fat cells. If the number of fat cells increases due to eating a poor diet, the liver malfunctions. Then the liver is called “fatty” and if this condition remains, the liver becomes a target of cancer. If a person abstains from daily food during Ramadan, the number of fat cells in the liver decreases. This helps him to be healthy.

That is why it has been seen that many people feel refreshed and happy in their health and physicality during Ramadan. The main reason for the birth of this positive and pleasant change is that the diseased liver makes itself healthy and energetic by getting rid of the routine of eating and drinking. Even new cells are generated to rejuvenate vital organs like the liver.

It was discovered only two years ago that the liver starts making new cells during fasting. Otherwise, this truth was known earlier. But Allah Ta’ala had prescribed fasting for Muslims centuries ago so that they can become the best means of spiritual as well as physical cleanliness.

Another important and healthy point is worth mentioning. When the number of fat cells in the liver increases, it also becomes a victim of inflammation. After inflammation of the liver, the inflammation starts spreading in the whole body because the cover of this organ covers the whole body. Thus, a person feels anxious and nervous. Do not take this inflammation for granted, experts say that due to this inflammation, a person starts to age quickly. During Ramadan, when the growth of fat cells stops, inflammation of the liver also goes away. Inflammation in the body is also reduced by opening up the liver. This change also makes a person’s nature garden and spring. Then the full benefits of fasting are also obtained.

Therefore, the blessed month of Ramadan especially brings a message of joy and happiness to our liver. And when our liver becomes healthy, man also gets eternal wealth of health and energy… And which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?

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