Is caffeine good or bad for overall human health?

Is caffeine good or bad for overall human health?

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Caffeine is found in common everyday drinks or medications. It’s in everything from your cup of tea or coffee and chocolate to the medicine you take during the flu. In fact, caffeine is the most widely used mental stimulant in the world.

However, when caffeine is taken in excess, it can have negative effects on human health, especially the heart, and if it is taken in a balanced amount, it is associated with several benefits, which are as follows.

Nutrition :(metabolic)

A study found that people with adequate levels of caffeine in their blood had a lower risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Mental health:

Caffeine is a type of stimulant. Many people drink coffee in the early morning or mid-afternoon not just for energy but to improve mood. How? Caffeine actually stimulates dopamine, a chemical in your brain that is released during pleasure, or a good experience.


The role of caffeine in fitness and sports performance is a recognized phenomenon. It is often added in varying amounts to supplement powders that improve the performance of athletes.

However, as mentioned above, people should be careful to keep their caffeine intake at a balanced level, as excessive intake can lead to the following health problems:

Sleep problems

Nausea or stomach upset


Nervousness or restlessness

Feeling anxious

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