Introducing robot surgeons more talented than human surgeons

Introducing robot surgeons more talented than human surgeons

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Maryland, USA: Scientists have introduced a robot in the field of medicine that is capable of performing surgeries better than humans.

According to media reports, a team of American researchers has developed a robot surgeon. It can remove cancerous tumors from very sensitive places inside the human body, which is a challenge for even the most experienced surgeons.

When removing a tumor in surgery, the priority is to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible while eliminating cancerous cells so that they cannot grow back.

It is a difficult operation especially when the affected area is the neck, head or other sensitive areas. This can be stressful even for the most experienced surgeons.

However, this problem is soon going to be a thing of the past as scientists have introduced an Autonomous System for Tumor Resection (ASTR) which is a type of robot.

It has been designed by a team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University in the United States, which has the ability to perform cancer surgery in critical areas of the body.

The team says the robot surgeon is as adept as or even more adept at removing tumors with precision than human surgeons.

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