Introducing an app that diagnoses depression before symptoms appear

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The mobile app will diagnose depression by analyzing the user’s facial expressions—Photo: Microsoft

United States: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining importance with each passing day and will now alert mobile phone users of health issues even the user is not aware of.

A mobile app ‘mood capture’ can use AI to read human facial expressions and predict whether a user will be depressed even if the user is not aware of it, reports The Sun.

According to the report, ModeCapture Mobile’s front-facing camera captures the user’s face and side views and evaluates the image based on the situation.

Validation of Mood Capture has been reported to be 75% accurate in early detection of depression.

Andrew Campbell, a professor at Dartmouth College in the US state of New Hampshire, said that people use facial recognition hundreds of times a day to unlock their phones.

He said that Mood Capture also uses similar technology, deep impression with facial recognition technology and uses AI hardware, so there is no additional burden or information on the user with the help of the said technology. Accurate information can be obtained without obtaining.

03App can detect depression by analyzing facial expressions—Photo: Courtesy of The Sun

A man simply opens his mobile, Mood Capture will know the nature of his depression and the app can suggest that he needs medical attention, the professor said.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2021 one in five cities in the UK experienced this and one in three citizens in England were diagnosed with depression at some point in time.

The report stated that the research was published in the Archiv print database and was tested on 177 people with symptoms of depression, and the app took 125,000 photos of these citizens over a 90-day period.

The researchers said that accurate assessment of the app suggests that the technology will be widely available within the next 5 years, which Professor Campbell said would make digital mental health technology an important tool for accurately diagnosing depression in citizens. It has come out.

“I think this technology will be available to the general public within 5 years and we have shown that it is possible,” the professor said.

The report states that the app needs time to become more reliable and the researchers say that it will be viable at 90 percent accuracy.

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