In the future, blood pressure medication will be individualized to each patient's genetics

In the future, blood pressure medication will be individualized to each patient’s genetics

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Newcastle: Imagine a world where a drug is tailored just for you, i.e. developed by experts with your genetics in mind. Australian experts have presented a similar study that is close to turning this dream into reality.

According to media reports, Professor Murray Cairns and his team at the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) in Newcastle, Australia, are working to develop a genetically specific drug to treat high blood pressure.

In this breakthrough by researchers, the treatment of high blood pressure can be made more effective. By looking at a person’s genetics, Professor Morey’s team can predict how well a patient may respond to blood pressure treatment, particularly those with low sodium levels.

Most high blood pressure medications control the blood by lowering sodium levels in the body, but not everyone’s high blood pressure is always caused by too much salt. Other genetic factors also play a major role.

The team used data from the UK Biobank to explore how sodium intake and genetic factors affect blood pressure. Professor Murray said that this method highlights the importance of considering genetic differences in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.

The professor further said that the research reflects that the treatment of high blood pressure can be done in a more precise and targeted manner in the future.

He also said this research paves the way for a future where your medical treatment can be as unique as your DNA, leading to more effective control of high blood pressure and hypertension-related health. It will be possible to reduce other problems.

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