In China, parents suffered heart attacks while giving their children homework

In China, parents suffered heart attacks while giving their children homework

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Hangzhou: Recently, there have been cases in China where parents are suffering from heart attacks or strokes while doing homework for their children.

According to media reports, Miss Dong, a 40-year-old mother of two from Hangzhou, was helping one of her sons with his math homework. She became very angry when the child did not understand the math question despite repeated explanations. Meanwhile, the woman felt a headache and started vomiting. When the condition did not improve despite lying down for a few hours, she was taken to the hospital where a CT scan revealed that the woman had suffered a mild stroke due to prolonged stress.

Cases are increasing alarmingly in China, with another example being a 36-year-old mother who suffered a heart attack because her son couldn’t solve a math problem and was stressed by repeated explanations. .

Note that these situations are not limited to mothers, a 45-year-old Chinese father, while helping his son with homework, became furious because the son was not doing the homework properly. Meanwhile, the father suffered a heart attack and was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Similarly, a 37-year-old woman from Jiangzhou Province was giving her 4th grade son math homework and the son was confused in solving the questions. The mother explained the problem to him countless times but the son had difficulty understanding. Initially, the woman suppressed her anger, but eventually her blood pressure shot up due to which she felt chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

The sons called the father for help and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital where a 2 cm hole in her heart vein was discovered. In addition, several blood clots were also found in it.

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