I am young, energetic and handsome;  Joe Biden's response to Trump

I am young, energetic and handsome; Joe Biden’s response to Trump

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Based on my experience, I can do better for America than anyone else, Joe Biden (Photo: Reuters)

Washington: US President Joe Biden has released a campaign video in which he light-heartedly responds to ageism taunts.

According to the American media, in the advertising video made for the election campaign, the 81-year-old Joe Biden was seen in a surprising way very calm and confident about his age, saying, “Look, I am still young, energetic and handsome.”

However, he himself said why I am doing all this, I am not young and it is not a secret.

President Joe Biden responded to a mockery of his age by saying, “Based on my experience, I understand better than anyone how to work for the welfare of the American people and how to run the country.”

The American president said about his current administration that he fought the crisis of the corona epidemic, strengthened the country’s economy, reduced the prices of medicines, especially for the elderly, and set the price of insulin at 35 dollars a month.

President Joe Biden said of his rival and former President Donald Trump that Donald Trump tried to pass the infrastructure law but failed. I did it and now we are rebuilding America.

The US President asserted that Donald Trump had taken away women’s freedom of choice. Trump believed that the job of the presidency was only to take care of Donald Trump. I believe the president’s job is to fight for the American people, and that’s what I’m doing.

President Joe Biden added, “I passed the biggest climate change legislation in history because our future depends on it.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump called President Joe Biden old, weak and unfit for office during his election campaign, saying that Joe Biden suffers from “terminal derangement syndrome”.

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