Even the laughter of her children is unbearable for a woman suffering from a strange disease

Even the laughter of her children is unbearable for a woman suffering from a strange disease

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Southport: A woman in the UK is suffering from a rare medical condition that has made even her children’s laughter unbearable for her.

According to media reports, Karen Cook from Southport is suffering from a painful condition known as hyperacusis. In this condition, everyday sounds such as children’s laughter, the voices of loved ones talking and even music can cause severe pain.

It all started with Karen 17 months ago. Karen was living a perfectly normal life with her husband and two sons when she began to develop symptoms of hyperacusis. Household noises became torture for him.

Hearing the voices of loved ones, chatting with friends or listening to favorite music would cause unbearable pain in Karen’s head, after which she began to isolate herself from social contact to stop the pain.

It felt like someone poured hot lava into my ears and my head was on fire, he told the media. My whole head hurts especially behind the eyes. It’s like a migraine, just like you want to smash your head off to relieve the pressure.

Karen has tried many doctors to treat this strange condition, but nothing has worked. She now spends most of her time indoors, even when she is home alone she uses earplugs and noise canceling devices to protect herself.

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